Bates High Gloss Oxfords Dress Shoes 941 (Black)

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Product Description

Bates High Gloss Oxfords Dress Shoes (Black)

Ceremonial duties are as much a part of military life as combat. As much as you may not always like to hang up your fatigues and don your dress uniform, there are days when a more formal, ceremonial look is required. And what could be a sharper than a nice, Bates High Gloss Oxfords Dress Shoes (Black)?

These shiny Oxfords are the perfect choice for drill and ceremony, formal events, stand-up receptions or parades due to their sharp look and comfortable fit. They have the classic styling of Oxford leather shoes with the added high gloss finish that sets them apart from other ceremonial military footwear. Corofram uppers reduce the need for constant, time-consuming polishing so you can devote your time to other things.

Benefits of the Bates High Gloss Oxfords Dress Shoes (Black):

  • Formal Oxford dress shoe for ceremonial duties
  • High gloss upper made of high tech Corofram
  • High gloss finish reduces polishing time
  • Outsole made of long-lasting Vibram rubber for that bit of extra cushioning
  • Long days on your feet, whether on parade or some other type of ceremonial event, are made easier through the breathable lining
  • Dri-Lex multi-zone liner system moves moisture away from feet to keep them feeling fresh, dry, cool and comfortable
  • Extra cushioning is provided through a removable insert that keeps feet and shoes fresher longer
  • Goodyear welt construction means a higher level of craftsmanship went into building this shoe so it stays together and lasts longer
  • Made in the USA
  • Berry Amendment Compliant

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the Bates High Gloss Oxfords Dress Shoes (Black):

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