Bates Durashocks Leather Oxfords Shoes 112 (Black)

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Product Description

Bates Durashocks Leather Oxfords Shoes (Black)

Shock absorption is one of the key features of any shoe or boot worn by duty personnel or those needing a high quality leather or uniform shoe. Oxfords are of course the name in comfortable, quality footwear yet these Oxfords have the added bonus of Bates’ patented DuraShocks technology, which absorbs shock and returns energy with every step.

So days spent on your feet, whether on parade, in the office, at stand-up receptions or during long shifts on sentry duty will not be a problem thanks to your new Bates Durashocks Leather Oxfords Shoes (Black).

Benefits of the Bates Durashocks Leather Oxfords Shoes (Black):

  • DuraShocks technology can be seen on the raised shocks on the heel and forefront of the shoe. These help absorb shock with every step and return energy for even the longest days on the job
  • Attractive, classic Oxford upper styled with durable, polishable black leather
  • Dri-Lex lining adds to dry, fresh feel
  • Lining is highly breathable
  • Insert is cushioned and removable for extra comfort and freshness
  • Outsole is slip-resistant rubber
  • Shoe will stay intact due to Bates direct attach construction, adding to durability
  • Berry amendment compliant
  • Made in the USA

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the Bates Durashocks Leather Oxfords Shoes (Black):

Nothing beats the look and feel of a classic leather Oxford, whether for civilian attire or in a military uniform. These shoes fit every requirement for a peak performing more formal looking shoe that holds up to the demands of your unique work day.

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