Bates Dress Shoes

Bates dress shoes are specially designed for use with military and law enforcement dress uniforms. Classic Oxfords and ankle boots are timeless styles that look classy and professional year after year. These shoes come in a variety of colors and finishes, from glossy patent leather to a chic matte finish, any one of which matches seamlessly with uniforms in a number of different colors and styles. Men’s and women’s shoes are available in matching colors and styles.

Bates Oxfords are a classic style of shoe, set apart from other types of dress shoes by the twin tabs that fold over the top and hold the shoelace eyelets. Usually designed with low tops and a slight heel, Bates Oxfords are ideal for wearing with uniform pants. These shoes are available in a variety of classic neutral colors like black, brown and white, so finding one to match your uniform or formal wear is a breeze.

Bates dress shoes are designed with uniforms in mind, so they are a great choice for those in the military or law enforcement. However, these classic styles can also be worn with regular formal or business attire for a smart look in and out of the office. They are made of durable materials so they can hold up to the stresses of a full day of wear.