Bates Delta Women's Side Zip Tactical Boots 8 inch 2748 (Black)

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Product Description

Bates Delta Women's Side Zip Tactical Boots 8 inch (Black)

Female officers and first responders have the same unique requirements as their male counterparts when it comes to footwear. You want tough, durable, comfortable, flexible footwear like the Bates Delta Women's Side Zip Tactical Boots 8 inch (Black) that will carry you through even the toughest shifts and leave you knowing you’ve done your best at the end of every day.

Bates knows this and goes the extra mile for those who serve their community. They give back by giving you the best that technology has to offer, combined with state-of-the-art materials and craftsmanship, to deliver some of the best-selling police boots on the market today.

One thing Bates is best known for is its one-of-a-kind iCS Delta technology system that allows you to custom-dial your own cushioning level and gait. So whether you walk inward or outward or prefer a softer cushioning over a firm one, the removable iCS disk inside the heel cup lets you select exactly what you want. It’s as close to having a custom-made boot as you can get!

Benefits of the Bates Delta Women's Side Zip Tactical Boots 8 inch (Black):

  • iCS Delta comfort technology allows you to dial up your comfort and performance preferences. Using the removable heel cup, you can adjust your settings on the fly
  • Uppers are made of durable leather and ballistic nylon
  • Breathability is ensured through the mesh lining
  • Outsole is slip-resistant
  • Cement, athletic construction delivers a strong yet flexible fit and feel
  • Non-metallic construction means breezing through scanners or metal detectors
  • For those with no time to waste, there’s a side zipper for quick on-off action and a Velcro tab to keep boots zipped up at all times

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the Bates Delta Women's Side Zip Tactical Boots 8 inch (Black):

Performance is everything for those who protect and serve. These Bates duty boots deliver everything you need to get the job done with pride, professionalism and proficiency.

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