Bates Delta Side Zipper Boots 6 inch 2346 (Black)

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Product Description

Bates Delta Side Zipper Boots 6 inch (Black)

The Bates Delta Side Zipper Boots 6 inch (Black) is one of the most popular police and public safety boots on the market today for personnel who need state-of-the-art protection and support, not to mention comfort.

It has multiple comfort and stability features that will carry you through your demanding, unpredictable work day and get you home safely at night… or morning if you work the night shift! The iCS comfort technology disks tucked underneath the heels allow you to custom-dial your cushioning preferences and input the way you walk - inward or outward.

This boot was built for officers and first responders just like you who demand the best and deliver the most.

Benefits of the Bates Delta Side Zipper Boots 6 inch (Black)

  • Uppers are full-grain leather and nylon, with side exoskeleton panels for extra reinforcement
  • Fully polishable
  • Select your own level of cushioning from firm to soft with the twist of the iCS-adjustable disc
  • iCS allows you to set the way you walk, whether outward or inward, for customized comfort
  • Feet stay well-ventilated with breathable lining
  • Protective Velcro tab keeps boots from coming unzipped
  • Slip-resistant rubber outsole
  • Cement construction locks in peak performance
  • Non-metallic so you can breeze through security scanners quickly

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the Bates Delta Side Zipper Boots 6 inch (Black):

Imagine having four different settings in one boot. With the Delta iCS comfort technology, combined with all the other rugged features of this outstanding peak performer, your feet are ready for action no matter it might take you. Buy your Bates Delta Side Zipper Boots 6 inch (Black) today!

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