ACU Bags

ACU stands for Army Combat Uniform, which is the current battle uniform worn by soldiers employed by the United States Army. The uniform was unveiled and implemented in 2004, replacing its predecessor the Battle Dress Uniform and the Desert Camouflage Uniform. The camouflage pattern and its component materials are unique to the ACU, and U.S. Army soldiers know how important it is to get their hands on ACU bags to match.

ACU bags come in different forms, depending on a soldier's need. ACU bags can be three-day backpacks made to carry everything you might need for a long trek, or they might be wheeled backpacks made to haul laptops and more delicate and heavy items. Giant duffle bags and deployment bags are available as well, making having all of your supplies and personal items together in one place an easy enough task, and carrying them even easier.

Make sure your equipment is always ready and available for use with ACU bags. These bags are ideal for Army soldiers who must adhere to the Army Combat Uniform code, which has a particular set of camouflage components. Keep yourself up to standard and well-organized with ACU bags specifically suited for U.S. Army soldiers and made by a variety of quality manufacturers.

For comprehensive information on AR 670-1 uniform regulations, visit Army Uniform Changes.