ASP 26 Inch Federal Baton Scabbard (Black) 52638

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Product Description

ASP 26" Federal Baton Scabbard

The ASP 26" Federal Baton Scabbard is designed for use with extendable batons. This scabbard strikes the balance between secure carry and rapid deployment, allowing you to be sure that you’ll have your baton available when you need it. It protects your weapon without compromising your access to it, crucial in dangerous situations. These scabbards are designed to keep your baton secure during transport, while allowing for a firm grip and quick presentation when necessary.

The unique design of this baton is designed for the real world, created specifically for those officers who prefer to use a closed front case for their ASP baton. The case can swivel to a number of different positions for maximum flexibility. Although it is most convenient when used with a retracted baton, the case can be expanded to hold an extended weapon. It fits any Federal 26 inch baton. The scabbard is constructed of a special polymer blend of maximum durability and is black in color, which allows for easy concealment and uniform coordination.

Benefits of the ASP 26" Federal Baton Scabbard:

  • Made for 26 inch retractable batons
  • Durable construction
  • Black
  • Meant for rapid deployment
  • Lifetime Warranty

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the ASP 26" Federal Baton Scabbard:

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