Army Sew On Rank LTC O5 (Army ACU)

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Product Description

Army Sew On Rank LTC O5 (Army ACU) from Action Embroidery

Most often promoted from major, a lieutenant colonel (LTC) holds the 23rd rank in the U.S. Army. Such a respected position comes with a need for the highest degree of professionalism, which begins with the appearance of one’s combat uniform. The LTC O5 Army ACU Sew On Rank by Action Embroidery is an ideal means of identifying your position, featuring sew-on application and the high-quality production standards one might expect from a longtime supplier of U.S. military insignia.

Typically serving as battalion commander, an LTC is charged with authority over a unit of soldiers between 300 and 1,000 strong. Although tactical capabilities are a requirement, they must also possess the versatility to function as an executive or staff officer in various higher-level units or command posts, and therefore maintaining an impeccable appearance is a must.

Benefits of the Action Embroidery Army Sew On Rank LTC O5 (Army ACU):

  • Army Design
  • For use with Army ACU uniforms
  • Soft Back for Easy Sew
  • Manufactured by Action Embroidery, a Department-of-Defense-authorized company
  • Complies 100% with military specifications
  • Compliant with Berry Amendment
  • Made in the U.S.A

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the Action Embroidery Army Sew On Rank LTC O5 (Army ACU):

As a major supplier to the United States Armed Forces for generations, Action Embroidery has a trusted reputation for quality. Their emblems are sent to the Institute of Heraldry for approval, ensuring that all products meet government and military requirements for shoulder sleeve insignia. Finally, all of Action Embroidery’s manufacturing is performed in the United States, so you can be confident in the quality of your emblem.

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