Air Force Uniforms

In the military, you can’t show up for work with your uniform in disarray or missing critical elements. If need to replace your old Air Force uniform look no further than US Patriot. We carry a complete lineup of compliant USAF uniforms, patches and rank in both ABU and multicam.

Additionally, we carry a full arsenal of skill, rank and occupational patches from basic to master levels. You can also find name and branch tapes that can be sewn onto the uniform. Our patch and badge sewing is completed inside our warehouse, so we send out uniforms that are ready to wear. All you have to do is open your package and put your uniform on or in your travel bag. Plus, you can get the hats, jackets, pants and other accessories you need to remain comfortable while you fulfill your military duties. If you need a quote for a big order, give us a call. 

What size OCP do you need? Here are some conversion charts to help you decide.