Air Force Rank with Hook Backing A1C E3 (Scorpion OCP)

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Product Description

Air Force Hook Backed Rank A1C E3 (Scorpion OCP) from Action Embroidery

As an enlistee of the U.S. Air Force who is about to enter the third rank, airman first class, it's time to invest in your new badge. The appropriate insignia for your new rank is the Action Embroidery A1C E3 Air Force Scorpion OCP Hook Backed rank. Many people receive this rank due to various accomplishments. Just some things you can do to achieve this rank include completing 10 months as an airman, three years at the Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps (JROTC), two years at the Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC), and earning 45 college credits. No matter what you did to achieve this promotion, you should be proud that you're advancing in the U.S. Air Force. Learn more about this product before you get your hands on it.                 

Benefits of the Action Embroidery Air Force Hook Backed Rank A1C E3 (Scorpion OCP):

  • U.S. Air Force Design
  • For use with Scorpion OCP Scorpion uniforms
  • Sturdy Hook Backed fastener
  • Manufactured by Action Embroidery, a Department-of-Defense-authorized company
  • Complies 100% with military specifications
  • Compliant with Berry Amendment
  • Made in the U.S.A

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the Action Embroidery Air Force Hook Backed Rank A1C E3 (Scorpion OCP):

It's exhilarating to rise in your U.S. Air Force ranking as an enlistee. As you make your way up to becoming a noncommissioned officer (NCO), you'll have to complete ranks E1 through E4.  You're on your way to becoming more advanced and respected. Make sure you're ready for your promotion by meeting all uniform requirements. Don't hesitate to order your new Action Embroidery A1C E3 Air Force OCP Hook Backed rank today.

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