Air Force Fleece Rank with Hook Backing SRA E4 (ABU)

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Product Description

Air Force Fleece Velcro Rank SRA E4 (ABU) from Action Embroidery

As bearer of the highest enlisted rank in the U.S. Air Force, a senior airman is expected to provide limited leadership as well as display technical proficiency. The SRA E4 Air Force ABU Fleece Hook Back Rank by Action Embroidery bears a chevron similar to lower Air Force designations, but features three sets of wings rather than one or two. It features easy hook-and-loop application for incorporation into your battle uniform.

Most frequently, a senior airman (or SRA) has already served as an airman first class for 20 months with three years of overall service logged. A small percentage of exceptional airmen can receive early promotions after achieving specific qualifications, subject to board approval. In addition to technical capabilities, an SRA may also be charged with the supervision of a lower-ranked airman to develop leadership skills and for the benefit of less-experienced personnel.

Benefits of the Action Embroidery Air Force Fleece Hook Back Rank SRA E4 (ABU):

  • U.S. Air Force Design
  • Integrates with Gen III fleece Air Force jackets
  • For use with Air Force ABU uniforms
  • Hook and Loop Fastener
  • Manufactured by Action Embroidery, a Department-of-Defense-authorized company
  • Complies 100% with military specifications
  • Compliant with Berry Amendment
  • Made in the U.S.A

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the Action Embroidery Air Force Fleece Velcro Rank SRA E4 (ABU):

Action Embroidery is no stranger to military insignia, with over 70 years serving as a direct supplier to the U.S. Armed Forces. Their products are reviewed and approved by the Institute of Heraldry, ensuring compliance with all government specifications, and manufacturing is performed entirely in the United States for quality you can rely on.

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