Adventure Medical Kits

Out in the field, the need for effective medical gear is critical. The situation on the ground is often unpredictable, and you cannot always count on ready access to professional facilities. Fortunately, Adventure Medical Kits develops an array of innovative products to keep you healthy and well in any environment.

The versatile kits come in a variety of shapes and sizes to organize and protect your equipment. From lightweight packs for easy carry of just the first aid basics to veritable portable hospitals with storage enough to serve a large crew out far from base, there are products available to suit any assignment or adventure. Be prepared for any emergency with kits that come fully stocked with essential tools and supplies for managing pain, cleaning wounds, monitoring vitals, stabilizing fractures, delivering injections and IVs and even administering CPR.

Included guides provide clear yet comprehensive instructions for treatment and care. Suitable not only for duty but also for recreational use, bags are available for all weather and terrain. Waterproof and slip-resistant bags are ideal for marine use, while rugged kits for mountaineering expeditions are built to withstand all manner of wear and below-freezing temperatures.

With designs informed by the expertise of world authorities in wilderness medicine and survival techniques, Adventure Medical Kits has everything you need to stay safe when venturing out.