Adventure Medical Kits Marine 3000 Medical Kit


Product Description

AMK Marine 3000 Medical Kit

The best type of medical kit for your exact marine expedition should be based on the size of the crew you are travelling with. For crews up to 18 people, you should be thoroughly prepared and have the AMK Marine 3000 Medical Kit. This kit contains a wide variety of tools and medications to treat a number of different injuries. From minor scrapes to more complicated health issues, this kit has everything you need to address the problem until you can reach a more advanced medical facility. This device has supplies to keep someone comfortable for over 24 hours until you need to get to a hospital.

In order to give CPR when needed, the Marine 3000 Medical Kit comes with a CPR Mask and O2 valve to assist in resuscitation. Wounds can be cleaned and closed up with the help of the irrigation syringe, sutures and closure strips. You are able to monitor vitals with the help of the stethoscope, digital thermometer and blood pressure cuff.

Benefits of the AMK Medical Kit:

  • Sterile needles
  • Angiocatheter
  • Wraps, bandages and a splint
  • Hypothermia-preventive blanket
  • IV administrative set

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the Marine 3000 Medical Kit:

The contents of the kit are safe due to the padded foam within the case. This kit measures 24 inches x 14 inches x 6.5 inches, so you should have no problem fitting it among the rest of your gear. Do not delay. Order your marine medical kit as soon as possible.

Other Details

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