Action Embroidery (ACU) Combat Medical Badge Sew-On - 1st Award

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Product Description

ACU Sew-On 1st Award Combat Medical Badge

The ACU sew on 1st award combat medical badge is an award of the United States Army that was created in 1945 to honor those who provided medical support to ground combat arms units during any period in which the unit was engaged in active combat. Anyone who served in the Army Medical Department, at the rank of Colonel or below, can be awarded this badge for performing medical duties while concurrently being actively engaged in battle.

There is heavy symbolism associated with the ACU sew on 1st award combat medical badge. The Greek cross between the wings represents the Geneva Convention, and the entwined serpents represent the individual’s skill and expertise in the field. These images are superimposed on a stretcher that alludes to the recipient’s medical field service. Lastly, the oak symbolizes strength, loyalty and steadfastness.

Benefits of the ACU Sew-On 1st Award Combat Medical Badge:

  • Highly durable
  • Berry Compliant
  • Approved for active duty use

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the ACU Sew-On 1st Award Combat Medical Badge:

The badge serves as a symbol of your valor and honor, so order your Action Embroidery badge today to adorn your uniform with this great honor.

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