Action Embroidery

Patches from Action Embroidery are a great way to customize tactical gear or express your individuality even while in uniform. Action Embroidery uses top quality materials that are able to stand up to all manner of tough situations. Available in a variety of colors and styles, there are Action Embroidery patches to match all uniforms and for use in all types of organizations.

Action Embroidery patches come in a variety of military and military-inspired designs. They are useful for law enforcement and Army personnel who need a reliable way to recognize rank and distinguished service for its members. Though approved for use by the U.S. armed forces, Action embroidery patches are available for everyone, including collectors, hobbyists, and costumers who are looking for authentic patch design.

Patches from Action Embroidery are made from tough materials that won’t rip or fray, even under tough conditions. They’re built to last and not separate from fabric once they have been sewn on. Furthermore, each patch is subject to rigorous quality standards, so there’s never a stitch out of place or any variation in color between patches of the same design. Everyone issued a patch from Action Embroidery will look smart and uniform.

For professionals or amateur enthusiasts, Action Embroidery patches look smart and professional enough to be worn on any uniform or article of civilian clothing.