Action Embroidery Army Unit Patch (ACU) Infantry School Follow Me


Product Description

Action Embroidery ACU Unit Patch Infantry School Follow Me

It is time for school so make sure you get all of your supplies. Start with the Infantry School Follow Me ACU Unit Patch to get your uniform up to standard. You don’t want to begin your assignment with even more push-ups, so sew on your new badge before you pack up your ACU.

The traditional insignia has a white bayonet centered on a blue shield with the words “Follow Me” written on top. The stylized ACU version replaces the blue with a light green and the white with black thread. The weapon symbolizes victory and honor while the conventional colors are in accordance with infantry branch colors. Blue is often associated loyalty and self-sacrifice, and white is representative of past campaigns. The motto is an old, but familiar order rich in military history.

Benefits of the Action Embroidery ACU Unit Patch Infantry School Follow Me:

  • Traditional infantry school insignia
  • Sew-on style patch
  • Sewing available with an added fee
  • Berry Amendment compliant
  • Matches Army Combat Uniform
  • Meets military specifications
  • Made in the United States

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the Action Embroidery ACU Unit Patch Infantry School Follow Me:

Action Embroidery was founded in 1943 as a family owned business. As the younger generations took over, they maintained a dedication to cutting edge technology and superior embroidery. For decades, the United States military and Action have partnered to make regulation insignia for all branches of the armed forces.

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