Action Embroidery (ACU) Pathfinder Badge Sew-ON

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Product Description

ACU Sew-on Pathfinder Badge

Becoming a United States Army Pathfinder is no easy task. Once you’ve completed your training, you deserve to show off your accomplishment with the ACU sew on pathfinder badge that is military-compliant. Made by Action Embroidery, the badge is manufactured from high quality materials that meet all the regulations of your uniform.

Before making each badge, Action Embroidery has them certified by The Institute for Heraldry, the organization that oversees emblems for the branches of the United States Military. To ensure compliance with the Berry Amendment, materials are sourced from the United States and created in one of their two facilities in Miami, Florida or Ontario, California. They understand the importance of each minute detail of your uniform.

This ACU sew on pathfinder badge is worn on the ACU uniform. It’s sewn onto the uniform, not attached with a hook or with Velcro, making it secure no matter what duties your job throws at you. When you’re entitled to wear emblems that represent your training, you deserve the best quality.

Benefits of the ACU Sew-on Pathfinder Badge:

  • Berry Amendment compliant
  • Made in the USA
  • Fine craftsmanship
  • Manufactured by a DOD-authorized company
  • Goes with ACU uniform

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the ACU Sew-on Pathfinder Badge:

Let everyone know that you are an expert Pathfinder and worked hard to learn special navigation and parachuting skills. Purchase your ACU sew on pathfinder badge for your uniform today.

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