Action Embroidery Air Force Senior Badge (ABU) Logistics Readiness

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Product Description

Action Embroidery ABU Senior Badge Logistics Readiness AF 168U

Logistical planning is a crucial element in military operations, and the Air Force is certainly no exception. The Logistics Readiness AF 168U ABU Senior Badge by Action Embroidery features symbols of the field’s core values: the falcon, the oval wreath, and the globe with lightning bolt and quartermaster key.

The falcon is said to symbolize the Air Force itself, and more specifically the dedication, strength, and devotion of logistics personnel. The globe is representative of the far-reaching capabilities of logistics officers, and of the power to provide resources via land, sea, and air transport methods. Symbolic of safety and security, the key in the falcon’s clutch also stands for material control and logistical management in the Quartermaster Corps tradition. The integrated role of contingency operations and planning in support of fighting forces is symbolized in the lightning bolt, while the surrounding olive branch stands for the state of peace provided by aerospace operators.

Benefits of the Action Embroidery ABU Senior Badge Logistics Readiness AF 168U:

  • Airman Battle Uniform badge built for sew-on application
  • Compliant with Berry Amendment requirements
  • Made in the USA

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the Action Embroidery ABU Senior Badge Logistics Readiness AF 168U:

Since 1943, Action Embroidery has served as the largest manufacturer of U.S. Armed Forces insignia. All embroidered products are created per government specs and approved by the Institute of Heraldry, which oversees production of all shoulder-sleeve emblems. Featuring a stateside manufacturing process, you can be sure that you’re investing in quality.

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