Action Embroidery Air Force Master Badge (ABU) Meteorologist

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Product Description

Action Embroidery ABU Master Badge Meteorologist AF 50U

The ABU, also commonly referred to as the Airman Battle Uniform, is the standard uniform issued by the United States Air Force. The Meteorologist AF 50U ABU Master badge is a type of patch that can be attached to the ABU for any individual working as a meteorologist in the Air Force. This patch, embroidered by Action Embroidery, features a shield with a 3-cup anemometer in the middle. The shield is surrounded by a laurel wreath. Above the shield is the symbol of Master status, which is a star encircled by a wreath. There are usually three levels to occupations in the Air Force: Basic, Senior, and Master. Master badges are earned after an individual becomes a Staff Sergeant, reaches the 7-skill level or Craftsman level, and has worked for five years in his or her occupation. The Basic or Senior patch can be worn until the Master is earned.

Benefits of the Action Embroidery ABU Master Badge Meteorologist AF 50U:

  • Embroidered in detail
  • Easy to sew on by hand or machine
  • Suitable for wear on ABU
  • Earned by working 5 years as a meteorologist after earning 7-skill level

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the Action Embroidery ABU Master Badge Meteorologist AF 50U:

It is important to follow the strict rules and guidelines for sewing patches and other items on to the ABU. This badge is easy to attach by machine or by hand. If you have earned the status of Master Meteorologist, order your patch today.

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