Action Embroidery Basic Badge (ABU)- Paralegal

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Product Description

ABU Basic Badge - Paralegal - AF 137U

There are many different ways that an individual can choose to serve his or her country. The military has a very specific system of justice and it is served by individuals who become paralegals. These individuals have the opportunity to wear a paralegal AF 137u ABU basic badge if they are an enlisted member of the military who has completed technical school. The rich symbolism and artistry this badge can add to a military paralegal’s uniform would make any one proud to wear it. The individuals who provide this specific service for the country deserve to be honored and respected by everyone they come into contact with. The badge that an individual in the military wears can say a lot about who they are as an individual, and the invaluable service that they provide to this country. Anyone who has chosen to become a paralegal, not just to make money but to serve their country, should be proud of their noble goal.

Benefits of the ABU Basic Badge - Paralegal - AF 137U:

  • High quality materials last throughout use
  • Detailed coloration for easy identification
  • Easily attached to uniforms

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the ABU Basic Badge - Paralegal - AF 137U:

Wearing this special badge will allow the paralegals to proudly display their accomplishment in a way that everyone will be able to see. The paralegals who are qualified to wear this badge should not hesitate to purchase one today. 

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