Action Embroidery Basic Badge (ABU)- Medical Corps

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Product Description

ABU Basic Badge - Medical Corps - AF 67U

The medical corps AF 67u ABU basic badge is the first degree badge for the Medical Corps in the United States Air Force. Not to be confused with the similar design for Medical Services, this badge is generally worn by officers who fulfill the role of physician in a dedicated non-combat capacity. The badge is also worn by general officers upon assignment to a headquarters staff or command position for twelve months, provided that they have not qualified for a higher level badge through previous service. Otherwise, wear it after technical school is completed and until you have seven years in the specialty, at which point it may be upgraded to the senior badge.

The Medical Corps AF 67u ABU basic badge serves as representation, on the uniform, of the organization’s mission and the role of the service member in carrying out that mission. The first of three degrees indicating length of service in this field, it allows for the ready identification of physician personnel under all conditions.

Benefits of the ABU Basic Badge - Medical Corps - AF 67U:

  • Meets all uniform requirements for size, materials, color, and design
  • Heavy-duty stitching on this ABU basic badge to endure everyday use well
  • Easy to affix to any uniform with a basic sewing kit
  • Detailed embroidery highlights unique features of the design for visibility

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the ABU Basic Badge - Medical Corps - AF 67U:

The Medical Corps basic badge from Action Embroidery is an integral part of a complete uniform for any service member recently assigned to the relevant AFSC categories. Order yours today!

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