Action Embroidery Basic Badge (ABU)- Manpower and Personnel

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Product Description

ABU Basic Badge - Manpower & Personnel - AF 140U

The manpower and personnel AF 140u ABU basic badge is the first degree badge for the Manpower and Personnel occupation group in the United States Air Force. It is worn by general officers who are newly assigned to the organization, as an emblem of its mission. It is also worn by officers and enlisted personnel in a variety of relevant positions. For those service members, the badge is worn after completing technical school or being assigned a relevant AFSC.

The Manpower & Personnel AF 140u ABU basic badge is worn until a variety of conditions contingent on skills and length of service are met. For general officers, the badge is worn for 12 months before replacement with the next level badge in the series. Otherwise, officers are eligible to move to the senior badge after 7 years in the specialty. Enlisted personnel must be awarded the 7-skill level, but then they are entitled to wear the senior badge as well.

Benefits of the ABU Basic Badge - Manpower & Personnel - AF 140U:

  • The ABU basic badge meets all requirements for size, color, and materials
  • Sturdy, heavy-duty stitching ensures it will hold up under everyday conditions
  • Detailed embroidery work makes the design distinct and visible
  • Easily and quickly sews into place with a basic sewing kit

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the ABU Basic Badge - Manpower & Personnel - AF 140U:

The basic badge, AF 140U from Action Embroidery, is a critical part of the uniform for any qualified personnel in the Manpower & Personnel occupation group. Order yours today!

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