Action Embroidery Basic Badge (ABU)- Intelligence

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Product Description

ABU Basic Badge - Intelligence - AF 131U

The intelligence AF 131u ABU basic badge is an occupation group badge issued by the United States Air Force for service members in the job fields that fall under the Intelligence section of the operations control group. It is worn by officers and enlisted personnel, including general officers serving as headquarters staff. Like most other occupation group badges in the U.S. Air Force, this basic badge is the first in a series for the group.

The intelligence AF 131u ABU basic badge is awarded to general officers upon their assignment to headquarters staff or command positions in the relevant field, unless they are already qualified for a higher level badge in the series. For officers and enlisted personnel, the basic badge is worn after graduation from technical school or an equivalent method of attaining an applicable AFSC. In both cases, promotion from the basic badge to the senior and master degrees are possible with the proper time in service and demonstration of skills.

Benefits of the ABU Basic Badge - Intelligence - AF 131U:

  • Complies with all uniform requirements for color, size, and manufacture
  • Detailed embroidery highlights distinguishing elements in the design for quick identification
  • Sturdy, heavy duty stitching that holds up to everyday use
  • Easy to attach--this badge requires only a basic sewing kit

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the ABU Basic Badge - Intelligence - AF 131U:

The basic badge for the intelligence career group is an essential part of any uniform for service members assigned to job categories in this field. Order your Action Embroidery badge today!

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