Action Embroidery Basic Badge (ABU)- Flight Surgeon

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Product Description

ABU Basic Badge - Flight Surgeon - AF 85U

The flight surgeon AF 85u ABU basic badge is the current United States Air Force version of the flight surgeon badge awarded by the various branches of the United States Armed Services. The basic badge is awarded to those officers who have completed the training and schooling to be certified as flight surgeons, with upgrades available to senior and chief status available after a minimum number of years of service and flight hours.

Versions of this badge date back to its original establishment during World War II, and variations have been adopted over the years by every branch except the Marine Corps, who use Navy personnel rather than maintaining their own flying medical corps. This badge is presented only to fully trained physicians, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners who regularly serve as flight surgeons. Enlisted and Warrant personnel whose duties temporarily include in-flight surgery do not receive this badge.

Benefits of the ABU Basic Badge - Flight Surgeon - AF 85U:

  • Meets Air Force uniform requirements for design, size, and materials
  • Durable embroidery holds up under a variety of real-world conditions
  • Clear, detailed stitching to make the design highly visible
  • Affixes to uniform with a standard sewing kit

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the ABU Basic Badge - Flight Surgeon - AF 85U:

The flight surgeon AF 85u ABU basic badge marks you as a member of a select and important team of emergency medical personnel. Order yours today to keep your uniform complete and up to date.

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