Action Embroidery Basic Badge (ABU)- EOD Specialist

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Product Description

ABU BASIC BADGE - EOD Specialist - AF 54U

This EOD specialist AF 54u ABU basic badge is awarded to enlisted personnel who have completed technical school for explosive ordnance disposal. This includes all those whose duties entail constructing, deploying, disarming, and disposing of high explosive munitions, as well as nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons, improvised explosive devices, and improvised nuclear devices. Originally designed in the 1950s, this badge is the same for all branches of the armed services.

The EOD specialist AF 54u ABU basic badge is worn until the 7-skill level is achieved, at which point personnel qualify for the senior badge. The master badge is for those who have spent at least 5 years at the 7-skill level and who hold the rank of master sergeant or above. The exception to this is Master Chief Sergeants who have been crossflowed into a new CEM code, who will wear the basic badge for their new code for 12 months before being upgraded to the senior badge. They are awarded the master badge in the new CEM after 5 years.

Benefits of the ABU BASIC BADGE - EOD Specialist - AF 54U:

  • Meets all uniform requirements for size and design
  • Rugged embroidery that lives up to real-world conditions
  • Standard sewing/attachment directions make it easy to add to your uniform

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the ABU BASIC BADGE - EOD Specialist - AF 54U:

Qualified personnel can add this Action Embroidery badge to their uniform immediately after technical school. Order yours today, and keep your uniform up-to-date!

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