Action Embroidery Basic Badge (ABU)- Enlisted Medical Tech

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Product Description

ABU BASIC BADGE - Enlisted Medical Tech - AF 36U

The enlisted medical tech AF 36u ABU basic badge is specifically for United States Air Force enlisted medical personnel. The soldiers who wear this badge have undergone specialized medical training in order to prepare them for service in over twenty different medical fields. These fields include support medical services such as pharmacy and medical administration, supplementary care such as dental, and optometry service, crisis services such as emergency or surgical care, as well as many others.

The enlisted medical tech AF 36u ABU basic badge from Action Embroidery is a representation of an integral portion of the U.S. Air Force. It has been worn by soldiers who have undergone intense basic training and spent a great deal of time and effort learning skills that can improve the health of their compatriots and even save their lives. This badge would make an excellent addition to any military collection, and would serve as a symbol of a very crucial and unique section of the United States Air Force.

Benefits of the ABU BASIC BADGE - Enlisted Medical Tech - AF 36U:

  • High quality construction
  • Easily attached to uniforms
  • Military approved for active duty use

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the ABU BASIC BADGE - Enlisted Medical Tech - AF 36U:

The basic badge is given after the soldier has completed technical school. The senior badge is given to those who have attained the “7-skill level”. The master badge is given once the soldier has become a master sergeant or higher who has also completed 5 additional years in their specialized field after obtaining their senior badge.

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