Action Embroidery Basic Badge (ABU)- Biomedical Scientist

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Product Description

Biomedical Scientist AF 79U ABU Basic Badge

The Airman Battle Uniform, also commonly referred to as the ABU, is the uniform of the United States Air Force, which is often decorated with a variety of badges and patches that an individual has earned during his or her military career. One patch is the Biomedical Scientist AF 79U ABU basic badge. Although intimidating at a glance, this basic piece signifies service in the Biomedical Sciences Corps, which encompasses physical therapy, optometry, podiatry, psychology, and a variety of other medical fields related to the biomedical sciences. This corps is made up entirely of non-commissioned officers. The embroidered patch features a shield. In the center of the shield is a staff with a snake wrapped around it and a prominent “S” in the middle. Basic badges may usually be worn on the ABU after completing technical school until a higher rank has been achieved.

Benefits of the Biomedical Scientist AF 79U ABU Basic Badge:

  • Richly embroidered
  • Easy to sew on by hand or machine
  • Suitable for wear on ABU
  • Earned by completing technical school and serving in the Biomedical Sciences Corps

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the Biomedical Scientist AF 79U ABU Basic Badge:

There are strict regulations and guidelines as to the placement of patches and badges on the ABU that should be carefully followed. This patch is simple to sew onto your ABU by hand or using a machine. Order one today for all your members serving in the Biomedical Sciences Corps.

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