5ive Star Gear Theft Detection Powder

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Product Description

5ive Star Gear Theft Detection Powder

Are you suspicious someone is taking money from your safe? Are you worried your teens are getting online late at night without your permission? Or are you ready to prove that your lunch isn’t being eaten by refrigerator goblins? With 5ive Star Gear Theft Detection Powder, you will know quickly who is touching your possessions when they shouldn’t be.  This fine powder was created to identify persons who have altered, stolen or broken any item. After you brush or spread a thin layer of this theft detection powder on locks, keypads, keys or any container, anyone who touches it will come away with dyed skin. This powder works by mixing with amino acids found on human skin and turning a bright color that is difficult to remove but easy to see.

Benefits of the 5ive Star Gear Detection Powder:

  • Small, easy-open container
  • Non-toxic formula
  • Chemical reaction to skin

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the Theft Detection Powder:

5ive Star Gear theft detection powder is great for home, work or wherever suspicious activity is occurring or items need to be secured. Anyone can use it, from mothers to seasoned military personnel. It’s best to use with gloves and swabs to avoid contact with the product yourself. Don’t wait to find out who is messing with your stuff. Put theft detection powder to good use today.

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