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  • 5ive Star Gear Steel Fire Starter (4543000)
  • 5ive Star Gear Steel Fire Starter (4543000)

5ive Star Gear Steel Fire Starter

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Product Description

5 Star Gear Steel Fire Starter

5ive Star Gear has highly quality products that you need in case you need to get through a natural disaster. Its military gear and tools are popular with military, agents, and law enforcement personnel. This 5 Star Gear Steel Fire Starter is a mandatory item for every hiker, hunter, camper, fisherman, and survivalist to have.

A fire starter will outlast your matches and lighters. It will work, even when wet. The sparks are hot enough to ignite a campfire, a gas stove, or tinder. The brightness of the sparks can be used as an emergency signal. Just strike the flint against the steel rod to create the spark. Make sure the kindling you use immediately ignites and catches fire. Smoking and smoldering kindling may need to be blown upon until the embers ignite into flames. Maintain the fire as needed and watch to make sure sparks do not spread and the fire doesn’t burn out of control. When done, douse the fire with water or stir the ashes until the embers are put out.

Benefits of the 5 Star Gear Steel Fire Starter:

  • Can start fires, especially in the poorest conditions
  • Creates sparks by striking the rod
  • Fires can be ignited in any weather
  • One striker can start hundreds of fires
  • Can be used with gloves
  • Fits in your pocket or pack
  • 4” heavy duty rod
  • Imported
  • Flame source of 5,400°F
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Weight: .80 oz.

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the 5 Star Gear Steel Fire Starter:

Make sure you have this necessary tool for your survival. Stay warm and be able to create a fire under any circumstance. Order now!


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