5ive Star Gear Small Mirror Pouch

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Product Description

5ive Star Gear Small Mirror Pouch

While an old CD or other reflective surface may do in an emergency, only a signal mirror made from the highest quality products can reach a maximum distance of 100 miles. If you plan on purchasing one of these valuable survival tools, you should also consider the 5ive Star Gear Small Mirror Pouch to ensure the ultimate level of convenience for storage and transportation. In the end, your survival might depend on the performance of a well-maintained signal mirror, making this product the best possible protection for your investment.

Durable carrying cases are sometimes difficult to come by, but the Small Mirror Pouch is specifically built to endure rigorous use and conditions, providing premium security in the line of duty. It also prevents cracks and scratches on any glass surface in order to extend the lifespan and visibility of your mirror.

Benefits of the 5ive Star Gear Pouch:

  • Velcro hook and loop fastenings
  • Soft, padded inner lining
  • Made from 1000 Denier nylon materials
  • Color choices of olive or black
  • Available in both 2"x3" and 3"x5"

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the Small Mirror Pouch:

Don't allow your top of the line signal mirror to become broken or damaged in the event of an emergency. Be prepared for any situation and order your Small Mirror Pouch today!

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