5ive Star Gear SGS-5S Shotgun Scabbard

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Product Description

5ive Star Gear SGS-5S Shotgun Scabbard

Your job often requires you to react quickly and be ready for anything. That means your equipment has to be as quick and reactive as you. Don’t let poorly designed gun holders keep you from working at your fullest potential. For an unmatched gun holder that lets you be as efficient and effective as you need to be, consider the 5ive Star Gear SGS-5S Shotgun Scabbard.

Made of durable nylon, this shotgun scabbard is made to allow you to quickly draw your weapons when you need to. Right- and left-handed shooters can carry this scabbard easily because of the universal straps. When you don’t need your weapons, the padded material will keep them safe and protected. Whether you’re a military or law enforcement professional, this carrier can meet your needs and has no shortage of useful features.

Benefits of the 5ive Star Gear Shotgun Scabbard:

  • Notched-top design allows for easy quick-draw
  • 29 inches long
  • Capable of carrying shotguns with 18-inch barrels
  • Constructed from sturdy nylon material
  • Carry on your back or your ruck
  • Lightweight; only .4 pounds total
  • Snug fit for weapons
  • Durable, padded construction protects your firearms
  • Universal straps designed for easy carrying

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the SGS-5S Shotgun Scabbard:

Your equipment should be able to help you carry out even the most difficult parts of your job. Experience a better, more secure gun carrier and order the shotgun scabbard today!

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