5ive Star Gear RBS-5S Bungee Sling

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Product Description

5ive Star Gear RBS-5S Bungee Sling

The 5ive Star Gear RBS-5S Bungee Sling provides anyone in a combat situation with quick and easy access to their firearm. This sling allows you to switch back and forth between weapons, without compromising your own performance. It features bungee construction, and there is a snap-hook and elastic adapter added for extra-fast responsiveness. A side-release buckle allows you to release the adapter and sling.

This sling can also be swiftly converted from a two point, to a single point sling, adding to its versatility, It is assembled from high-quality materials, offering you both functionality and durability. You will never have to worry about this product’s longevity, and it is built to serve you for many years to come. This is a military-grade sling that can be used in almost any environment.

Benefits of the 5ive Star Gear Sling:

  • Dual bungee construction
  • Elastic adapter locks
  • Long-lasting performance

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the RBS-5S Bungee Sling:

The bungee sling can be a lifesaver for anyone having to use a firearm in close quarters. Under these circumstances, you will need fast and efficient access to your weapon, and this sling can provide you with that. Don’t settle for a cheaper, less sturdy sling! Order the RBS-5S Bungee Sling today!

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