5ive Star Gear GI Spec LC-II Shoulder Straps

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Product Description

5ive Star Gear GI Spec LC-II Shoulder Straps

When you are deployed and working in the line of fire, you want to do anything possible to make sure you are successful and doing your job right. Carrying around a lot of equipment and belongings is necessary to be prepared, so when you purchase your Alice Pack throw in a set of 5ive Star Gear GI Spec LC-II Shoulder Straps to go with it. They are made from heavyweight ballistic nylon to match your pack and have the best construction out there.

A set of GI Spec LC-II Shoulder Straps gives your shoulders the support and comfort you need when packing around bulky, heavy gear. All of the hardware on the straps is made from metal to give them a longer lifetime and to make the adjusting process a piece of cake. Each set of straps are a copy of U.S. government shoulder straps to provide you with the best performance available.

Benefits of the 5ive Star Gear Shoulder Straps:

  • Eases the carrying process of an Alice Pack
  • Constructed from long-lasting materials
  • Available in colors to match your pack
  • Designed for extreme comfort
  • Easy to remove and reattach to your pack

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the GI Spec LC-II Shoulder Straps:

Take pride in the gear that your carry and order your top of the line 5ive Star Gear Shoulder Straps today!

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