5ive Star Gear Covert Coffee Insert

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Product Description

5ive Star Gear Covert Coffee Insert

If you’ve ever had the need to stash small valuables in a covert fashion, the perfect product for you has arrived at last. Providing the ability to cleverly conceal diminutive items, the 5ive Star Gear Covert Coffee Insert is unique, unexpected and nearly impossible to detect. Made from food-grade plastic material, this innovative accessory is designed to fit within a partially-full disposable coffee cup to hide precious items from prying eyes—or hands. While not intended for use with electronic items, this 5ive Star product is suitable for just about anything that can fit within a 1.75-inch diameter. The sealable insert even features an integrated weight to defeat the natural buoyancy of your beverage, ensuring it’ll sink to the bottom of the cup and remain out of view.

Benefits of the 5ive Star Gear Coffee Insert:

  • Overall diameter of 1.75 inches
  • Built from food-grade plastic for safe, reliable performance
  • Weighted to counteract natural buoyancy and keep insert at bottom of cup
  • Not intended for use with electronics
  • Reusable and watertight to protect your valuables
  • Coffee and cup not included

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the Covert Coffee Insert:

Whether you’re in a crowded environment, traveling on the road or engaged in covert operations, this 5ive Star creation will aid you well in covertly storing small goods. Order yours today and keep the bad guys guessing.

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