5ive Star Gear 21 Inch Sheath

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Product Description

5ive Star Gear 21 Inch Sheath

There are numerous professions and hobbyists who own a machete, and along with the perfect bladed weapon, you are also going to need the right way to carry it around. The 5ive Star Gear 21 Inch Sheath is able to hold all machetes that are 21 inches in length or smaller. You will not have to worry about your weapon cutting through the fabrics and damaging the sheath because this device is constructed out of heavy-duty Cordura fabric along with reinforced nylon seams. It also comes with bar-tack reinforcements to ensure its integrity.

Whether you are a police officer, hunter or a normal civilian, virtually anyone can benefit from the high-quality 21 Inch Sheath. In order to make this carry case easier to bring with you anywhere you go, it features a hook and loop handle strap. The right gear is crucial out in the field, and the right carry case can prevent you from having to carry around your machete at all times.

Benefits of the 5ive Star Gear Sheath:

  • Khaki Cord
  • Made from Cordura fabric

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the 21 Inch Sheath:

Never neglect to get the perfect accessories for all the items you need to have in the line of duty. Order your machete sheath today, and soon you will have the perfect place to store your weapon at any time.

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