5ive Star Gear Mini Hammock (Olive Drab)

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Product Description

5 Star Gear Mini Hammock

On warm summer days nothing is better than basking in the shade of the trees, listening to the sounds of nature as you drift off to sleep. The 5 star gear mini olive drab hammock gives you the opportunity to indulge in such a relaxing experience. With its many useful features, the hammock is a great piece of equipment to have when camping or fishing. 

No matter where you go, the mini hammock functions as a wonderful source of relaxation. Simply string it up between two trees or posts, and you are ready for a long period of rest and comfort. Crafted from durable, knot-free nylon mesh, the hammock supports people of various shapes and sizes. The light weight mesh also makes the hammock highly easy to store. By simply folding it up, you can effortlessly fit it into the confines of a backpack.

Benefits of the 5 Star Gear Mini Hammock:

  • Size: 2’ x 7’
  • Easy to store in small bag
  • Can be used with or without a sleeping bag
  • Knot-free nylon mesh

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the 5 Star Gear Mini Hammock:

Though used predominantly for sleep and relaxation, the hammock has many other functions: emergency stretcher, fishing net, hanging storage. Regardless of your intent, the mini hammock is a valuable piece of camping gear.  Easy-to-store and versatile, it is more than capable of enhancing your camping or fishing trip. Order one today!

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