5.11 Zero G Plates (Black)

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Product Description

5.11 Black Zero G Plates

Law enforcement and security officers have a lot of different types of gear and accessories to carry with them whenever they’re on duty. Although many duty belts are designed to hold heavy loads, the added strength of 5.11 black Zero G Plates increases efficiency and comfort of any loaded duty belt. The plates are designed to curve with the body and evenly distribute weight so as to keep pressure off of the spine and abs. At the same time, the plates provide a sturdier, more secure base for all of your duty gear, from holsters to flashlights and more. The plates are made out of low-profile, non-reflective carbon fiber and weigh very little. They attach easily to the inner belt of your duty belt setup. The plates integrate easily with your existing duty belt gear, all the while increasing your load bearing capacity and decreasing the stress of that weight on your body.

Benefits of the 5.11 Black Zero G Plates:

  • Made out of non-reflective, light weight carbon fiber
  • Curves with the body
  • Reduces fatigue by evenly distributing weight
  • Increases load bearing capacity
  • Integrates with existing duty belt accessories
  • Heavy-duty construction makes it tough and durable

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the 5.11 Black Zero G Plates:

For officers looking for a stable way to make their duty belts a little more secure, 5.11 black Zero G Plates are the perfect solution. Order yours today to reap the benefits of better posture and reduced fatigue while wearing your loaded duty belt.

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