5.11 Tactical Thumbdrive Tac Pack - Fits Glock 34/35 R/H (Black)

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Product Description

5.11 Tactical R/H Black Thumbdrive Tac Pack for Glock 34/35

In a heavy conflict situation, success often hinges on your ability to react quickly. For truly customizable performance from a weapon-retention system, look no further than the 5.11 Tactical R/H Black Thumbdrive Tac Pack for Glock 34/35. This outstanding value includes three of 5.11’s most innovative creations, starting with the Level II Thumbdrive Holster. Designed to provide rapid, dependable weapon access, this holster also features a removable chop-block to deny unauthorized access. Utilize the exclusive single-thumb release for a smooth, natural draw every time. The strength of this capable holster is only enhanced by the included Thigh Rig and Modular Mount System, accessories which allow for custom positioning so you’re always within quick reach of your pistol.

Benefits of the 5.11 Tactical Thumbdrive Tac Pack:

  • Tac Pack includes Level II Thumbdrive Holster, Modular Mount System, Thigh Rig
  • Rugged polymer construction will stand up to your rigorous job environment
  • Designed for use by right-handed Glock 34/35 users
  • Each component available exclusively in tactical black color

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the R/H Black Thumbdrive Tac Pack for Glock 34/35:

When conflict arises, there’s no time for second guesses—don’t find yourself fumbling for crucial gear. Keep your firearm right where you need it when you employ 5.11’s powerful Glock 34/35 Tac Pack. It provides everything you need for complete confidence and the greatest chance at success in a firefight. 

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