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Product Description

5.11 Tactical Speed 2.0 5 inch Black Boot

If you plan on being in harsh, unforgiving environments, you need the right pair of boots to keep you safe and comfortable. The 5.11 Tactical Speed 2.0 5 inch Black Boot was designed for just that purpose. This boot is able to withstand any type of terrain thanks to the ATAC footbed. The durable outsole also gives you exceptional traction no matter how uneven the field might be. Your boots should allow you to stay light on your feet, and these boots are lightweight enough to accomplish that. They even come with a breathable upper, providing you with much needed ventilation to keep your feet feeling great.

A very important quality in boots should be the ability to keep your feet dry and comfortable even if you are hard at work. The Speed 2.0 5 inch Police Boot is made with materials that wick away moisture so that your feet always feel great. For the ability to easily remove or put on your boots, they come with side zip access. Not only do these boots perform excellently, they will also look fantastic for some time due to the polished leather toe.

Benefits of the 5.11 Tactical 5 inch Black Boot:

  • Nylon upper
  • Utilizes YKK zipper
  • Comes in black

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the Speed 2.0 5 inch Black Boot:

Do not settle for anything less, and order your high-quality boots today!

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