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Product Description

5.11 Tactical Double Mag Pouch/ Fits Glock 45 Cal Magazine

If your profession requires you to have a firearm, then you need to have a sufficient amount of spare magazines so that you will not find yourself in a bind if you need to use your gun. The 5.11 Tactical Double Mag Pouch for Glock 45 Cal Magazine is made out of a durable blend of polymers to remain tough in a number of environments. This pouch is designed to withstand temperatures up to 300° F, so you will not have to worry about the pouch softening if it gets too hot out. It is also sturdy in subzero temperatures, so no matter where you go, you can be confident that your extra magazines will be viable when you require them.

The Double Mag Pouch is able to fit on most belts with ease. It is capable of accommodating belt widths between 1.25” and 2.25”. You can even position it so that it rides lower or higher on the belt. This allows you to ensure that your spare magazines are consistently within easy access so that you do not have to scramble to get your next reload.

Benefits of the 5.11 Tactical Double Mag Pouch:

  • Available in black
  • Proudly made in the USA
  • Does not leave wear on the magazines

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the Double Mag Pouch for Glock 45 Magazine:

Anyone involved in law enforcement or the military can benefit from an efficient new mag pouch, and this is the ideal one to own. Order yours today!

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