5.11 Tactical Double Mag Pouch/Double Stack 9MM/40 Cal (Black)

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Product Description

5.11 Tactical Double Stack 9MM/40 Cal Black Mag Pouch

For a simple and comfortable way to hold your spare magazines, you need to get the 5.11 Tactical Double Stack 9MM/40 Cal Black Mag Pouch. This pouch is great for anyone who owns a Stack 9MM or 40 Cal. This pouch is known for its durability, and it will not become brittle or start to melt when exposed to extreme temperatures. Through a blend of sturdy polymers, this pouch is capable of withstanding temperatures up to 300° F. It can even go in subzero temperatures without being affected.

The Double Mag Pouch will fit comfortably on your person because the belt loop is totally adjustable. This allows it to work with a variety of belts as long as they are between 1.25” and 2.25” in width, which should not be too big of an issue. You will not even have to worry about the pouch leaving behind wear on your magazines thanks to the slick polymer materials. The right pouch to go with the right firearm will ensure that you are able to accomplish any job expected of you.

Benefits of the 5.11 Tactical Black Mag Pouch:

  • Constructed out of a proprietary mix of polymers
  • Comes in black
  • Made with pride in the USA

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the Double Stack 9MM/40 Cal Mag Pouch:

Never be inconvenienced because it is too difficult to access your extra magazines. Always be prepared and order yourself this top-of-the-line mag pouch today. 

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