5.11 Tactical 3 Pack 9 inch Socks

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Product Description

5.11 Tactical 3 Pack 9 inch Sock

The right shoe is not going to do a lot of good if you do not have the right kind of socks protecting your feet. The 5.11 Tactical 3 Pack 9 inch Sock is perfectly designed to handle various types of outdoor conditions. These socks are made from a special multi-polymer fabric. One of the aspects that sets these socks apart from the rest is the fact that they come with a layer of cushioning on the sole, which provides you with much needed comfort all day long.

5.11 Tactical Socks are designed with moisture-wicking technology. This means that your feet stay dry and comfortable, allowing you to not get slowed down from sweat. These socks are designed to allow your feet and legs to breathe so that you are given the greatest amount of comfort possible. With the perfect socks to go along with the perfect boots, you will have increased speed and stamina throughout the day to accomplish any task that might be at hand.

Benefits of the 5.11 Tactical 9 inch Socks:

  • Several compression zones
  • Length goes perfectly with full-sized boots
  • Available in various colors

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the 3 Pack 9 inch Socks:

If you are tired of your socks failing on you so quickly, then it is time you learn what a truly superior pair of socks can do. Order yours today!

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