5.11 Stryke PDU Women's Class A Shirt

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Product Description

5.11 Stryke PDU Women's Class A Shirt

There are certain women who have incredibly exciting and sometimes dangerous careers. These women need to wear uniforms that built to help them succeed. Fortunately these women have the opportunity to buy a 5.11 Stryke PDU Women’s Class A Shirt which has been designed for women who need high performance clothing. These shirts are made of special material that is designed to be incredibly durable and comfortable.  Its Flex-Tac mechanical stretch fabric and Teflon treatment can provide a woman with a shirt that is resistant to stains that could result from spills or soil. This material also has permanent creases, and is made with front zip closure that is hidden which helps any woman to look clean and professional.  These shirts are also made to provide pass through access of a mic, and a kit to enforce the loop of a camera or a radio.

Benefits of the 5.11 Stryke PDU Women's Class A Shirt:

  • Major stress points have been reinforced with bartacking
  • Buttons are designed to not crack, burn, or melt
  • Material is durable, comfortable, and has the ability to breathe
  • Clean lines created by permanent creases
  • Treated with Teflon to provide resistance to moisture, soil, and stains
  • Access to a pass-through mic
  • Kit for camera/radio loop enforcement
  • Zip closure in the front is hidden

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the 5.11 Stryke PDU Women's Class A Shirt:

These specialized shirts can make it possible for a woman to excel at her job in law enforcement. The time to purchase one is now. 

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