5.11 Sierra Bravo Duty Baton Loop (Black)

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Product Description

5.11 Sierra Bravo Duty Baton Loop (Black)

Having durable equipment is a necessity for anyone with an active job. After all, your tools need to be able to handle the same stuff you do. This is especially true for those in the field of law enforcement and tactical situations. The 5.11 Sierra Bravo Duty Baton Loop (Black) is just one component of your gear, but it can make all the difference.

When your job is to protect others, even the smallest of details matter. Get something that meshes with the rest of your tactical equipment in all the right ways. The convenience and efficiency it provides is second to none.

Benefits of the 5.11 Sierra Bravo Duty Baton Loop (Black):

  • Snap button closure can be easily used one handed
  • Strong construction and water resistance ensures a long life
  • Lightweight and won't hold you back
  • Holds baton secure for comfort during movement
  • Black color adds to a professional appearance

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the 5.11 Sierra Bravo Duty Baton Loop (Black):

Everything on your person should be designed for utility in the field and long lasting strength, right down to the components that hold your accessories for you. Get the 5.11 sierra bravo duty baton loop today!

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