5.11 Range Master Shoe

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Product Description

5.11 Range Master Shoe

Built for training but comfortable enough for everyday wear, the 5.11 Range Master Shoe is perfect for anyone who’s looking for the strength of a boot with the flexibility of a running shoe. It provides all the features you look for in a training boot without the heavy “boot feel” you may experience with other products. With soles designed to enhance your ability to do everything from climbing ropes and fences to speeding across uneven terrain, this rugged training boot is made to provide versatility and support. It’s also a great-looking boot: cool, trendy, and designed to coordinate with 5.11 tactical training apparel.

Benefits of the 5.11 Range Master Shoe:

  • 8 mm drop from heel to toe to keep you low to the ground and enhance acceleration
  • Broadened forefoot designed to increase toe splay for improved balance and control
  • Self-cleaning lugs at forefoot maintain traction and keep mud and dirt from slowing you down
  • Integrated arch lugs enhance climbing ability
  • Reinforced toe for added foot protection
  • Oversized finger loop at heel makes slip-on a breeze
  • Ortho-Lite insoles for lasting comfort
  • Ripstop nylon construction with leather overlays
  • Includes 5.11 Blood Type Patch Kit
  • Available in three colors with eye-popping accents and prominent brand logo

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the 5.11 Range Master Shoe:

With its sharp design and smart engineering, the 5.11 Range Master Shoe looks like it’s just itching to hit the range. Aren’t you?

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