5.11 Pistol Bungee / Cover

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Product Description

5.11 Pistol Bungee Cover

When preparing for a tactical situation, having complete confidence in your gear is a must. The 5.11 Pistol Bungee Cover offers an ideal combination of secure retention and quick access to a backup magazine, keeping your ammo close at hand for the times you need it most.

Offering complete compatibility with MOLLE and SlickStick System web gear, the 5.11 Pistol Bungee Cover provides adaptable capability that will fit with any tactical setup. Choose from standard flap cover or bungee cord security for flexible access that you can count on. The cover’s durability is enhanced through water-resistant back coating, heat-treated seams and seals, and the inclusion of authentic Duraflex hardware. Non-slip pull tab ensures consistent all-weather performance, while elastic compression provides stability and outstanding noise reduction.

Benefits of the 5.11 Pistol Bungee Cover:

  • 5.25” height, 1.5” length, and 1.25” width
  • Built from tear-resistant 500D nylon material for exceptional toughness
  • Stackable modular design allows for easy expansion
  • Elastic band compression offers silent, stable operation
  • Bartacking at all major stress points further enhances durability
  • Available in several colors to suit a variety of uniform types

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the 5.11 Pistol Bungee Cover:

Your pistol is one of your most trusted pieces of gear, but it won’t do you much good without ready access to ammunition. Keep your reserve secure and accessible with the 5.11 Pistol Bungee Cover for performance that will exceed your expectations.

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