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Product Description

5.11 Don't Tread On Me T-Shirt

The 5.11 Don’t Tread On Me T-Shirt features a large frontal image of a coiled rattlesnake with its jaws open and ready to strike. The design is a more contemporary modification of the original design that appears on the Gadsden flag.

For many Americans, the coiled snake and the four words have a profound meaning deeply embedded in US roots. The image was first used during the American Revolution, hence its historical significance. In modern times, it has become a symbol of independence and liberty. The snake was adopted as a metaphorical statement. The snake will strike but only if provoked. This has come to define what America and its military stands for.

Both service members and civilians can don the shirt as a reminder that this country was founded on the principle of liberty and freedom. It maintains the concept of the original design while adding a contemporary touch to appeal to a modern audience.

Benefits of the 5.11 Don't Tread On Me T-Shirt:

  • 5.5 oz. 100% soft-spun cotton for comfort and breathability
  • Tapered shoulder and neck line for full mobility in the shoulder and waist area
  • Impressive design with anti-fade graphics
  • Maintains its bright color wash after wash

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the 5.11 Don't Tread On Me T-Shirt:

This is one shirt that every patriot should have in his or her closet. Order yours today to show what you believe this great country stands for.

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