5.11 8 inch EVO Side Zip Boots (Black)

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Product Description

5.11 8 inch EVO Side Zip Boots (Black)

Law enforcement officials and military personnel require the very best gear to ensure their performance in the field remains consistent. This entails selecting suitable footwear that can offer support and comfort without impeding overall performance. The 5.11 8 inch EVO Side Zip Boots (Black) is ideal in this respect thanks to the durable construction and numerous useful features.

The 14mm heel to toe drop helps personnel stay nimble when in hot pursuit of the bad guys. Additionally, quality construction of the EVO Cupsole means that durability is all but guaranteed. Inside the 5.11 8 inch EVO Side Zip Boots (Black) the breathable waterproof membrane greatly increases comfort while also being blood-borne pathogen resistant. This is crucial to preserve the safety of emergency personnel, who routinely encounter contaminants while undertaking their life-saving procedures.

Benefits of the 5.11 8 inch EVO Side Zip Boots (Black):

  • Superior side zip construction allows hardware to stay intact
  • Ortholite insoles enable optimum comfort when traveling long distances
  • Embedded tracking logo affords effective recovery if personnel goes missing
  • Outer construction is resistant to oil and other slippery substances
  • Boots are made from sturdy yet lightweight materials, which helps enhance agility
  • Innovative fence climbing lugs allow for optimum traction in many different environments

Important Things to Consider Before Purchasing the 5.11 8 inch EVO Side Zip Boots (Black):

When dealing with the challenges inherent to professional duty, choosing the best footwear can make all the difference to one’s performance. Order a pair today to see all that these superior boots can do for you. 

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