5.11 6 Inch Pursuit Advance Boots

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Product Description

5.11 6 Inch Pursuit Advance Boots

The last thing you should be worrying about when you’re in the field is your shoes. Indeed, making sure you’re able to execute your duties to your fullest potential should be your number one priority. For superior flexibility and versatility that gets you through every maneuver time and again, the 5.11 6 Inch Pursuit Advance Boots are your answer.

The right shoes can make or break your performance, so it’s important to be prepared from the outset. Designed with a streamlined nylon shank to provide excellent agility and control no matter what environment you encounter, the Pursuit Advance Boot gives you dependable stability, balance and traction. A low-profile 8-mm heel provides enhanced acceleration and momentum control, meaning you can stop and start any action in these boots quickly and comfortably. From combat crawls to climbing walls, these boots were made to deliver.

Benefits of the 5.11 6 Inch Pursuit Advance Boots:

  • Broad forefoot that gives you better balance and engagement
  • Arch lugs for traction and rope climbing
  • Fence-climbing lugs and self-cleaning forefoot lugs
  • Genuine OrthoLite inserts and YKK side zippers
  • Rear heel brake to give you superior stopping power
  • Wax-coated nylon to repel moisture, stains and soil
  • Available in a variety of covert-style colors

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the 5.11 6 Inch Pursuit Advance Boots:

When you need a durable, dependable boot that will tackle whatever comes its way, the 5.11 6 Inch Pursuit Advance Boots is your go-to product. Order your pair today!

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