5.11 6 inch EVO Side Zip Boots (Black)

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Product Description

5.11 6 inch EVO Side Zip Boots (Black)

Remaining effective in the field can be difficult when making use of subpar gear and accessories.  That’s why it’s so important for military and law enforcement professionals to have access to the best gear available, particularly when it comes to footwear. Suitable footwear must offer top-performance when in the field, while also providing premium support and comfort in all types of situations. In this event, the 5.11 6 inch EVO Side Zip Boots (Black) can make for a must-have addition to essential apparel.

Those seeking quality construction need look no further than the EVO cupsole design, which affords the 5.11 6 inch EVO Side Zip Boots (Black) the utmost in durability. Customers can also look forward to increased traction thanks to the innovative fence climbing lugs, which enable enhanced mobility no matter what you’re up against.

Benefits of the 5.11 6 inch EVO Side Zip Boots (Black):

  • Ortholite insole greatly increases comfort
  • Side-zipper is constructed from lightweight material to ensure maximum agility
  • Breathable inner membrane is great for humid climates
  • Waterproofing technology keeps feet safe and dry
  • Quick footprint ID allows instant recognition when tracking
  • Nylon shank enables personnel to remain sure-footed in many environments

Important Things to Consider Before Purchasing the 5.11 6 inch EVO Side Zip Boots (Black):

For high-octane professionals, procuring the right boots is essential to maintaining peak performance at all times. This includes a comfortable fit along with durable construction and improved support when on duty. Order today and experience the many benefits of these great boots. 

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